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Dear Athens Drive Band students and parents,

I am excited to post the “2021 Athens Drive Leadership Roster!” I can tell you without reservation that this group of students are going to be exceptional leaders!! There were countless times when I was completely “in awe” of the mature responses to the many questions that I posed. I realize that “what looks good on paper” doesn’t always transfer to action; however, I know all of you well enough to state that I trust that you will follow-through on your written responses 100%.

Final decisions were made by consulting previous section leaders, captains, and drum major. I also relied on assistance from our instructors, namely John Antonelli, Jennifer Harris (Mason), Michael Santangelo, Ashlynn Hayes, and Laura Minick. Finally, I have considered what I have observed from you during the school year. While no list is perfect, I can assure you that a great deal of thought went into this roster.

You will note that some students have been appointed “lead” positions (they appear without designation), and others “assistants.” “Lead” positions are those that carry the most weight. These students have the responsibility for making certain that ALL necessary jobs get done: administrative (copying/distributing music, assigning instruments/equipment and parts, repairing equipment, changing silks, etc.), musical (leading sectionals/teaching, passing off music), marching (leading fundamentals and sectionals when necessary), and social (establishing and maintaining communication and positive energy among the section). Please note that “assistant” positions are exactly that–“assistants” to the lead section leader. While these students are expected to fully participate and help with the duties noted above, they are to shadow the “lead” section leaders/captains, giving them the respectful “right-of-way.” ALL OF YOU ARE CRITICALLY IMPORTANT TO MAKING THIS YEAR A SUCCESS. Remember it is not about YOU, it’s about our BAND! In the end, your worth as a leader is determined by what you give away.

I recommend that “lead” section leaders contact the other leaders in your section ASAP and start strengthening relationships! MAKE THIS WORK!!!

I realize that there are some student candidates that are not included on this roster. Please know that I truly LOVE all of you and will be happy to communicate with you as to why I made the choices I did. You do not have to agree with me; however, I will be honest with you. Please wait until next week to contact me if you have any questions.

Your first job begins next week with our RISING 9TH GRADE ORIENTATION EVENINGS ON MONDAY AND TUESDAY, MAY 17 & 18 FROM 6:30-8:30PM! Percussion and Guard captains must also be in attendance on Wednesday and Thursday, May 19 & 20.

We will have a quick meeting on Monday, May 17 after school (2:40pm) to discuss the logistics of the evening. This meeting is for all Section Leaders and Captains. Google meet code will be ADMHSMarkochMB if you are away from campus.

Let’s hit the ground running! “We’re Gonna Build This Thing Together” and have a lot of fun in the process! Let’s get working!



Drum Major 

Emily Schmidt-J

Hugh Bettini-+, asst.


Woodwind Captains

Thomas Thornton-+

Claire Siegel-J, asst.


Brass Captain

Emily Brockmole-+


Field Crew Captain 

Will Gerken-+


Guard Captains

Katie Little-+

Katie Carlson-J, asst.

Jocelyn Duncan-J, asst.

Kaniyah Lewis-J, asst.

Sara Sublette-+, asst.


Flute Section Leaders 

Lauren Williams-+

Natalie Berry-J, asst.

Reagan Franks-J, asst.


Clarinet Section Leaders

Emma Cockman-+

Claire Siegel-J, asst.


Alto Saxophone Section Leaders

Loren Liu-+

Jade Williamson-+

Hailey Nguyen-J, asst.


Tenor Saxophone Section Leader 

Thomas Thornton-+


Trumpet Section Leaders

Emily Brockmole-

Katie Cowan-J, asst.


Mellophone Section Leader

Nate Haltom-J

Alana Williamson-+


Baritone Section Leaders

Kenley Fischer-+

Callum Polit Shearin-+


Tuba Section Leader

Elliot Harris-J


Battery Captain

Brady Bitner-+


Front Ensemble Captain

Janie Hill-J

Dr. Jerry Markoch, Director of Bands

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