Booster Minutes

Band Booster Meeting Minutes September 12th, 2013

Meeting started at 7:30pm

Attendance: 58 members

Secretary: Previous minutes shared and approved. Hope Ligon motioned, David Scarborough seconded.


  • Financials looking good but watching carefully. Had large surplus coming in to 2012-13 that we do
    not have this year.
  • Please pre-pay for spirit wear, scrip cards and grocery cards.
  • Please keep a close eye on your account and payment schedule


Student Updates

  • Color Guard: Guard show coming along good. Thanks to boosters for funding additional guard
    instructors this year. Flags and show uniforms are in.
  • Band Captain: Marching show looking good. Thanks to boosters for everything they do to
    support the students.



  • Band Camp Slide Show
  • Doc’s Surprise Party: Huge success. Dr. Parker provided and directed alumni band.
  • Slideshow of band at first Football Game
  • Student Section: Student section being created for football games. May displace some parents
    who sit to the right of the band near press box.
  • Band Room Doors: Doors coming into band room from hallway are broken and cannot be locked.
    Request submitted to school in May. Secure valuables in locked practice room until further
  • Photo Directory: Marching Band Student Directory available online. Password given. Parent
    Directory almost ready.


Committee Updates

  • Coupon Books: Fewer books sold this year but made $1000 more than last year due to CitiPass
    price increase. 521 books sold. $5280 into student accounts; $2257 into general fund. Those
    earning free CitiPass books, see Kimmie after meeting to get your book(s).
  • Bulls: Last home game was yesterday (9/11); Through July 25th, $3100 added to general fund.
    Final estimate for season is $5000-$5500 for general fund; $23,000 to student accounts.
  • PTSA: Please join. Dues are $10 for parents, $5 for students. Accepts tax deductible donations.
    Provides two $500 scholarships to senior class PTSA members. Last year’s band captain, Nathan
    Wintermute, was one of the 2012-13 recipients. Website is and can
    join PTSA and pay online. Would like 100% faculty participation.
  • BBQ: Flyers distributed. BBQ is Oct. 25th 10am-7pm at Swift Creek Community Center. Conflicts
    with State Fair Parking. Will deliver to businesses within 8-10 mile radius. Business orders due 10/22. Need baked goods packaged in generous $1 portions. Can leave baked goods in band room on Thursday (10/24) or bring to community center Friday (10/25) morning. Business forms and flyers available on website. Online volunteer signups available this weekend.
  • Chaperones: Going well. Thanks to all volunteers. Most pressing need is for percussion chaperones.
  • Kroger Cards: Payout from Kroger at $5000. Currently posting to student accounts every two months.
  • NCSU Lemonade Stands: Eight home games; four on competition days. All games online and available for volunteer signups. First two games had record sales: $2400 total ($1100 to student account; $1300 to general fund). Meet at school’s main entrance for carpool. Required to be in stadium 3 hours before event.
  • PNC: We’re only working carts this year. No stands. Carts are Dippin Dots and scooped ice cream. No BARS training required. Contract signed. Have all Hurricane games and NCSU Basketball games and right of first refusal for special events. Signups online for events through December. Need experienced worker for September 27th to train chairperson. Volunteers need to wear the current (blue) band polo when working PNC. PNC requires all shirts to match exactly.
  • Pit Crew: To help, email or just show up outside band room at 5:45-6pm on football Fridays and offer to help.
  • Scrip Cards: Sales going great. Pre-payment required. Prefer presto-accounts. On September 16th Script Now to run specials for those with presto-accounts.
  • Spirit Wear: New items this year. Terri Mellon making show earrings for $5. Three dollars of sale donated back to band.
  • Sponsorships: Program has been updated. New program packet now available online. Online form submission and payment coming soon. Booster soliciting sponsorship responsible for obtaining all necessary information prior to submission to sponsorship committee. Once completed form and payment received, 25% credited to booster’s account. Sponsorship plaque posted in band room.
  • State Fair Parking: October 17-27. Signups already online. Weekday workers monitor lots for Gregory Poole employees. Nighttime workers park cars and collect parking fee. Eleven days at fifteen hours/day broken into 3 five hour shifts. Last year band made $23,000 and put $6000 into band accounts. Desperately need workers for Saturday, Oct. 26 due to marching band competition at Sanderson HS.
  • Twitter: Follow or text “40404 follow @athensdriveband”
  • Facebook: Like “Athens Drive Band Alumni, Friends & Members”
  • Yahoo Group: Sorry for duplicate emails. Yahoo recently upgraded to new format and is experiencing multiple issues. Duplicate or non-delivered emails are the issues. Working with Yahoo to get issues resolved. Please check band website’s announcement area to ensure you stay fully informed.


NYC Trip

  • Description of Carnegie Hall package provided. Soliciting ideas for additional places to visit and
    eat that can accommodate large groups. Email
  • Non-refundable $200 deposit due October 8th.
  • Wind Ensemble performs but all band students invited to go.
  • Dates are March 22 or 23 through March 26 with performance at Carnegie Hall on March 24.
  • More info available late September; including cost breakdown.
  • Wind Ensemble students asked to provide a list of things they would like to do/see in NYC.
  • Two charter buses. Extra seats will be available to band families for “transportation only” purchase.
  • Cost for non-playing students (those not in Wind Ensemble) will be $100 less.


New Fundraising Ideas

  • Raffle around Christmas: solicit area businesses for raffle items
  • Alumni Campaign headed by Alumni Chairs Greg & Kathy Fishel and Kay Jamison
  • Mattress Sale: ADHS Gym, Saturday, November 9th. Company representative, Clint Stovall,
    explained program. 1-10 people will buy a mattress this year. Highest brand mattresses and
    guarantee. All sizes. Over $2 million for high schools last year. Brings in own sales staff, provides
    flyers, cleans up after event and delivers mattresses to homes. Band provides location (ADHS
    gym) and publicizes. Student incentives. No cost to band. Easy fundraiser. Cary and Broughton
    Bands have participated. Clint will place flyers in band room for distribution and if we get
    permission will deliver flyers with letter from Doc to area schools. Like “Athens Drive Band First
    Mattress Sale” on facebook. Will make digital flyer available for our website. Sale 50 mattresses
    and he will sign up as a band sponsor.



  • Most band students participate in Marching Band. Only 10% are in class band only.
  • Working on show, show music, pep tunes; will perform entire show without metronome at
    tomorrow’s football game.
  • Four football games (including soccer game) in a row.
  • All day Saturday rehearsal coming up September 21st
  • Competition September 28th at Mt. Pleasant and Central Carbarus. ADHS performs at 3:15pm at
    Mt. Pleasant and 8:00pm at Central Carbarrus.
  • Composite pictures coming up early October. New photographer with better pricing.
  • Class Bands going great. All Wind Ensemble students will go to NYC. Other band students invited
    to go as well.
  • Plans for overnight Busch Gardens trip Memorial Day Weekend. More affordable trip. All band
    students invited. Band performs in the morning and enjoys the park in the afternoon.
  • Carnagie Hall trip gives us an opportunity to prove we can raise money. Test driving our ability to
    fundraise for large trips. Must have proven track record if we are to get accepted to Rose Bowl
  • Open House, Tuesday the 17th. Dismissing winds from practice at 4:30pm that day.
  • Would like $500 for sousaphone holders. Cost $90 each. Eliminates carrying cases down to the
    field for games.


Stadium Update

  • Susan Cowles presented Athens Drive Stadium Renovations updates.
  • ADHS Stadium project to get funds left over from 2006 Bond so unlikely we will get anything from
    the upcoming bond. Although, if upcoming bond does not pass, we could potentially lose the
    promised 2006 funds to classroom seats. Please go out and vote for the bond on Oct. 8th.
  • New track for Williams Stadium planned for 2014.
  • When provided funding comes through, Williams Stadium will be abandoned and new stadium will be built on athletic practice field near senior lot. Unlike Williams Stadium, that land belongs to WCPSS. New stadium completion expected fall 2015.
  • Widening Stadium Drive and adding additional parking spots. To be completed 2014.
  • Band practice field was preserved.


Meeting ended at 9:30pm

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