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Doc Note 2/8/2019

Dear Athens Drive band parents,

Here’s what you need to know about current “band happenings.”

1) Our Winter Guard won FIRST PLACE last Saturday at Cleveland H.S. on their first performance in competition!  Yeah baby!  What a great mid-winter boost to our entire band program.  They will be competing again this Saturday 2/9 at Holly Springs H.S. at 3:45pm.  Please consider dropping by to cheer them on!  What a terrific bunch of band kids!

2) Thank you for the terrific turn out at our booster meeting this past Tuesday.  The place with LIT with great ideas that we intend to put into motion this year.  Our next booster meeting will be on MONDAY, MARCH 4TH AT 7:30PM (probably in the chorus room).  Sorry about the switch in date (from Tuesday, March 5).  I am doing an exceptional amount of clinic/consultant work with  programs in the area and I’ve got a commitment on 3/5.  [This is what happens when you get old…but boy-oh-boy do I promote ATHENS DRIVE!]

3) Everyone in our band program–marching, concert, winter guard, winter percussion, etc. is invited to enjoy a brief holiday to Busch Gardens, Williamsburg on May 17-19.  We’ll leave Athens around 5:00pm on the 17th and return early Sunday morning on the 19th (around 2:00am).  We’ll have 1 overnight stay and will do a “stand-still” performance in the park (in our band polo shirts—provided by the uniform committee).  Cost of the trip will be somewhere in the area of $175…which covers just about everything.  It’s a terrific “last fling” for our band seniors and a neat way to rekindle the marching band vibe that will be just around the corner.  Be on the look out for the formal letter soon.

4) Six of our concert students will be attending the UNCG Honor Band Festival next Thursday-Saturday (Feb. 14-16).  Thank you for representing our program so well!

5) Our Winter Chamber Concert is Thursday, 2/21 at 7:00pm.  This concert is really cool because it features mainly small groups of instrumentalists.  You get to hear the band in it’s separate “component” parts.  The variety of music and the talent displayed is really impressive.  And guess what, for the first time ever we are going have an “adult ensemble” performing comprised mainly of our current band parents!  This is a terrific idea that I hope becomes a tradition.  Thank you Mark Michaud for all your work getting this group together.  The concert is FREE and there are refreshments served afterwards.

…And finally, please consider doing the following:

-BUY A BAND YEARBOOK…for you, for your kid(s), and as a thank you to SUSAN UY who does an incredible job putting this together.  I’ve never seen anything like this.  Click here to find all the information about ordering a band book ( )

-BUY A DVD OF OUR CONCERTS…like the Holiday Concert last December…for you, for your kid(s), and as a thank you to DAVID UY who does a masterful job with 5 different camera angles making certain that you can see every child on stage.  Again, I’ve never seen anything like this. Contact Julian King at ( ) for information on ordering a DVD.

-BUY A PICTURE OF YOUR MARCHING BAND CHILD(REN) FROM “JUST SMILE”…for you, for your kid(s), and as a thank you to Trish Bristow for the beautiful job she does year after year preserving incredible memories of youth.

To order pictures from this year, please use the link and password below:



If you would like to order photos or composites from previous years, please contact Tricia directly: 919-215-0681  or her email address ( )

The three individuals noted above give an incredible amount of time to our program..please make certain we thank them by supporting their work.  (P.S., the Uy’s get no financial credit for their efforts…wow).

Remember,  you will always be remembered for what you DO…  It’s the do-do that matters:)

Dr. Jerry Markoch, Director of Bands

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