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“Doc Talk”/Class Lesson 5/13/2020



It has been exactly 2 months since this period of quarantine/ “social distancing” began (our last day of school was March 13th).  I still find it hard to believe that this is happening.  The days are so beautiful and thankfully the vast majority of our society is healthy; however, it is chilling when we read about the accounts of people who are suffering and the “heroes” on the front lines that are working with these individuals.  I am thankful that I live in a society that CARES enough about human life to take extraordinary means to protect us; however, I cannot wait for our lives to return to “normal” so that we can enjoy our daily interactions and get back to creating the miracle of music!


I wanted to give you a day to catch-up on your work and perhaps my “Doc Talks/Lessons.”  I have truly enjoyed researching/preparing these talks and you must know that learning about this incredible music was the catalyst that sparked my lifelong interest in teaching music.  I’m just passing the baton to you!  Who knows which one of you may be LIT enough by these works to follow along my life’s path?


Just for your reference, here is the listing of “Doc Talks/Lessons” that have been shared since April 13th:


4/13 – Introduction:  Make something positive/good come out of all of this!

4/14 – What’s the score? – a lesson in how to read a music score

4/15 – Practice hints (no video)

4/16 – Berlioz’ “Symphony Fantastique”

4/20 – Strauss’ “Till Eulenspiegel’s Merry Pranks”

4/21 – Chopin’s “Ballade #1 in g minor”

4/22 – Beethoven’s “Symphony No. 3 (Eroica)”

4/23 – My favorite orchestral works (no video)

4/27-29 – Mahler’s “Symphony No. 6, movt. 1”

4/30 – Tchaikovsky’s “Overture to Romeo and Juliet”

5/5 – Beethoven’s “Symphony No. 7, movt. 2”

5/5-6 – Rimsky-Korsakov’s “Scheherazade”

5/7 – Beethoven’s “Symphony No. 6”

5/11 –  Brahms’s “Symphony No. 1”

5/12 – Mozart’s “Symphony No. 40”

And I’ll give you many more “great hits” to enjoy in the next few weeks!


I think that it is important to understand that LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT!  I realize that for most you of you, “grades” are not going to be the central issue about school right now…  it’s all about learning.  And in truth, that should be 99% of your focus even when grades are in play.  LEARNING is one of the activities that make life really fun!  In fact, learning is related to LOVE, because the more you learn about something, the more you tend to LOVE it…and of course, “ya gotta luv it!”


So, take a day and catch-up on some of this great music and I’ll be back with you tomorrow!



Dr. Jerry Markoch, Director of Bands

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