Athens Drive Band Boosters (ADBB) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed for the support and advocacy of the Athens Drive High School (“ADHS”) band community. This mission involves fundraising to provide the Athens Drive Band programs with the resources to achieve their educational and student development objectives. Our mission also includes promoting the importance and culture of the performing arts through outreach to the entire ADHS community, including the student body, staff, and faculty, as well as the residential and business community that Athens Drive serves. Specifically, the ADBB Board focuses on the following key initiatives:

  • Promoting the means and opportunities for the education of the Athens Drive community with respect to the study and culture of the performing arts and the enjoyment and wholesome utilization thereof.
  • Fostering public awareness of and support for the performing arts and cultural enrichment of the Athens Drive community.
  • Providing a fundraising platform that offers qualifying tax benefits to donors that are interested in promoting the ADHS band programs. This involves active oversight of fundraising initiatives to ensure all funds received and dispersed are qualified under ADBB’s 501(c)(3) charter.
  • Assisting the Athens Drive community in promoting and developing an outstanding performing arts education program that provides ADHS students the opportunity to fully develop their talents.

Funds raised through the Athens Drive Band Boosters have provided the band programs with instruments, music, specialized instruction, and equipment needed for performances. ADBB has also assisted with certain operating costs associated with travel to and from performances.


What and How to Donate

Donations of the following items are appreciated any time of year!

  • copier paper
  • old towels
  • student snacks & drinks for competitions (Sept – Nov)
  • hand sanitizer

Athens Drive Band Boosters also accepts gifts of:

  • Monetary Donations – please check with your employer to see if they offer a matching grant for donations
  • Donations – instruments or other items that can be used by the performing arts programs

All donations to Athens Drive Band Boosters are tax-deductible (Tax ID No. 65-1227864). A receipt from Athens Drive Band Boosters confirming your donation will be sent to you upon request. The receipt can be used to document your donation. Checks should be made payable to the Athens Drive Band Boosters.


Monetary donations can be sent to:

Athens Drive Band Boosters

PO Box 293

Cary NC 27512-0293

 Or through Venmo: