Fair Share Assessment

Since the marching band receives NO FUNDING from WCPSS, it is necessary to assess a “fair-share obligation” for participation. This fee helps cover the cost of band camp, instruments, extra staffing, music, charting, equipment, charter transportation, and other service needs.  Fair-share fees are as follows:

2024 Marching Band Fair-Share Fees and Payment Options (includes winds and percussion)

2024 Marching Color Guard Fair-Share Fees and Payment Options

Families can choose to reduce their financial commitment by participating in various fundraising opportunities provided by the band boosters.  Credits that partially or fully offset fair-share fees are earned by working paid shifts at fundraising venues or by participating in sales-based fundraisers.  Paid shifts are available for both parents and students through the following fundraisers: Deweys Holiday Store, PNC Arena, or State Fair Parking.

The fair-share assessment covers all program costs including band camp, transportation to performance venues, uniform/instrument/equipment loan, instruction, music, and choreography. Every attempt is made to limit additional expenses, but some fees for shoes, instrument rental, etc. may be assessed.  Fees for special trips are not included in the fair-share obligation and will be invoiced separately.

Students/families owing a balance on their band account from the previous year must pay the balance in full in order to enroll for the upcoming year, enroll in additional extracurricular band activities, or travel with the band on trips. Families with demonstrated financial need may apply for financial aid to assist with their unpaid balance.

Financial Assistance

Scholarships are available through the booster organization for students who demonstrate need. No student should be discouraged from joining due to financial obligation; we will assist every family willing to contribute their “fair share”. We recognize that Marching Band can put a financial strain on families. We want everyone who wants to participate to be able. We are willing to work with families to provide alternative payment options and financial assistance so that everyone can be part of it. So that we understand financial needs and can assist all families who need it, communications is essential. All financial communications are completely confidential between the family in need, the treasurers, and presidents.  Financial aid /scholarship information is available on the Forms page of the website or by contacting Dr. Markoch, any Co-Treasurer or any Co-President.

Families with two or More Children in Marching Band

Families with more than one student in the marching band program will receive a discount.

  • Registration Fee: $200 for the first student; $160 each additional student.
  • Fair Share: There is a 20% discount for each additional child. If one child plays a wind/percussion instrument and another child is a member of the color guard, the 20% discount will be taken from the guard assessment.

Payment Information

The band boosters accept a variety of payment forms.