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(Including all woodwind and brass section leaders; guard and percussion captains, woodwind & brass captains and field crew captain; but NOT Drum Major)


The position of Section Leader is a very influential position in the marching band. It is the Section Leader who exercises and enforces the procedures and policies established by the staff and drum major. It is the Section Leader who usually develops the closest relationship with the students and often has the greatest impact on the attitude and performance of the section. This person must exhibit fine leadership and musical skills, and serve as an exceptional student role model. The responsibilities of the Section Leader include the following:

Assist all members of the section with musical and marching responsibilities. The section leader is expected to have their music learned/memorized quickly and must understand all marching maneuvers required of the section. They are to monitor the musical and marching progress of the section. Sectionals are expected to be held whenever necessary. Section Leaders are to be available to check off music when required.

Assist the staff with administrative responsibilities including distribution and maintenance of music, instruments/equipment, and uniforms. 

Assist the staff in maintaining focus of attention and good discipline at all rehearsals and performances.

Be a positive role model at all times; consistently promote group esprit de corps on and off the field.

Keep the section informed of all responsibilities including schedules, band rules/policy, and performance logistics.

Attend summer leadership meetings and weekly meetings with staff during the marching season.

The selection process for Section Leaders will be held each spring and will involve at least two of the following criteria depending on the number of students applying and the size of the sections:


Recommendation from previous Section Leader(s).

Interview with the Band Director and one other member of the band staff.

Feedback from the section.

Being an effective section leader/captain requires a significant amount of extra time and effort; it involves doing things without receiving credit; it necessitates thinking of others before oneself and always giving 110%. However, an effective Section Leader/Captain will have the satisfaction of knowing that they made a positive difference to the lives of many students and were directly responsible for the success of their section as well as the entire marching band!


The appointment of Section Leader/Captain is a one-year position. Returning students must reapply each spring.


Download  MB Section Leader – Captain Application 2021

Download  Fall Schedule 2021


Thank you,


Dr. Jerry Markoch, Director of Bands

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