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Soccer Game and Pine Crest Competition Logistics

Dear marching band student and parent,

The purpose of this letter is to provide information concerning our HOME SOCCER GAME this Friday and our FIRST COMPETITION this Saturday. Please read the email in its entirety.


Friday, September 23, 2022

  • 5:00pm    Report to ADHS band room (change into full uniform)
  • 5:25pm    Warm-up in front (junior) parking area
  • 5:50pm    Walk to staging area
  • 6:05pm    March to stadium
  • 6:15pm    Pregame
  • 6:30pm    Game begins
  • 7:15pm    Halftime performance
  • 8:30pm    Game ends
  • 9:00pm    Dismissal (at flagpole near gym entrance)

*Percussion and tuba captain(s) must arrange to have their instrument stands placed in the bleachers before the reporting time. This can be done immediately after school or before the 5:00pm report time.

Students will be wearing their FULL UNIFORM for this performance. Be certain to wear a t-shirt under the uniform, but NOT THE SHOW SHIRT as we will need this for Saturday (unless you want to do some quick washing after the game). Remember to bring BLACK SOCKS and your BLACK SHOES. Students must also bring a BACKPACK to carry a water bottle, flip folder with pep band music, lyre, and snack if they do not wish to purchase any from our concessions (following their halftime performance).

The weather looks GREAT for both Friday and Saturday so students should be comfortable wearing the full uniform for the entire game. You will find that a soccer game is similar to a football game, with 2 halves. Because the clock does not stop much, it is usually shorter than a football game (note the 9:00pm dismissal).


Saturday, Sept. 24, 2022

  • 11:00am    Report to Athens
  • 11:15am    Rehearsal in stadium
  • 1:15pm    Lunch/Load/Dress
  • 2:45pm    Inspection (senior parking lot)
  • 3:00pm    Depart for WCHS (via activity bus)
  • 4:30pm    Arrive PHS
  • 5:20pm    Warmup
  • 6:30pm    PERFORMANCE
  • 7:00pm    Change into comfortable clothes; load instruments and equipment; eat dinner (provided by boosters)
  • 7:50pm    Awards Ceremony
  • 9:00pm    Depart PHS (receive snack for trip home)
  • 10:30pm    Arrive Athens Drive

Important Competition Day Logistics

1) Students need to bring the following when they report to Athens at 11:00am: lunch, backpack containing anything they may want to do on the way to and from the competition, BLACK SOCKS and their SHOW SHIRT for uniform, any clothes they want to wear back to Athens following the competition (including a hoodie or light jacket).

2) Students MUST REMAIN ON CAMPUS following the late morning rehearsal as there are many responsibilities involved in the transition time between 1:15-2:45pm. Bring a lunch to eat during this time.

3) Students will “1/2 dress” for the bus ride to PHS: They will wear their SHOW SHIRT, black bibs, black socks, and black shoes. We will put the jacket, hat, and gloves on shortly before our formal warm-up period at PHS. The reason why we ½ dress is that it saves a good deal of time once we get on site (you can never trust changing area capacity).

4) Students may change into comfortable clothes following their 6:30pm performance. These can be the same clothes that they wore in the morning rehearsal. Consider bringing a hoodie or light jacket as the evenings will begin to get cooler☺

5) Our arrival time home (10:30pm) is our best guess. We are usually accurate (within the ½ hour); however, due to the multitude of variables that surround events such as this and the number of students involved, adjustments may have to be made. The safety/well-being of the students is our primary concern. We will contact you via the REMIND system as to the progress of our journey home. If we run ahead or behind schedule more than ½ hour, we will encourage students to call. Please let them know how they can best reach you. We also ask that the students be picked up within ½ hour of our arrival. We do not want our parents/staff to wait at school for a prolonged period of time after such a long day. Thank you for your consideration!

6) If you are planning to attend the competition and would like to drive your child home, please submit a written request. In general, I like to keep the students together throughout the entire event; however, I will trust your judgment if you feel it absolutely necessary for your child to be home earlier.

7) Please know that we use competition as a tool to achieve further excellence. It is vital to remember that “deep-down,” we compete against ourselves, not against others. This is one of the most challenging aspects of our program; however, it can be one of the most rewarding provided that we maintain a healthy perspective. The students will always be winners if they work hard, do their best, and behave with “honor, pride, and dignity.”

8) Although this competition is approximately 75 minutes away by car, we enthusiastically invite all parents, family, and friends to travel to PHS to enjoy our performances and root on our band! This is a very nice stadium in which to perform as the home bleachers are high, so you’ll get a good view of our formations. ALSO, PLEASE REALIZE THAT YOUR PRESENCE MAKES A DIFFERENCE! It really psyches up our kids to hear you cheer for them!

9) There are 16 bands competing in this event, divided into 4 classes: Class A performs from 2:15-3:30pm; Class AA performs from 3:45-5:00pm; Class AAA (that’s us) performs from 6:00-6:45pm; and Class 4A performs from 6:45-7:30pm. We are the last band to perform in our class (3 total bands).




Dr. Jerry Markoch, Director of Bands

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