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Spring Marching Band Possibility

Hello band families!

We are excited to announce that Doc is working hard to get a Spring Marching Band program going. One VERY important part of this is to see how many students want to participate. So please, look over the information from Doc below and then click on the link at the very bottom of this message to answer a couple of questions regarding your student’s participation. 

We must have your responses by Friday, January 22nd!


We have 3 home football games this year (March 19, April 2 and April 8). The April 2 date is during spring break and that game may be moved to Thursday of that week. Either way, Doc is planning for the band to play at that game, if only from the stands.

We may make a video recording of our “final product” or have an evening performance for family and friends in late April.

Participation in competitions is unlikely.


Rehearsals would begin the first week of February. They will be held outdoors. Winds will meet Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 3-5pm. (Percussion and Guard may have slightly different schedules). This would give us 7 weeks to get ready for a first performance; the “season” would be 10 weeks. [We would NOT rehearse during Spring Break; however, we would still try to do something for the football game.]

In case of inclement weather, we will divide up and rehearse with appropriate social distancing inside. If that is not possible, students will be sent home.


Doc would still like to do a “mini-version” of the show that we were intending to do in the fall: “Once Upon A Time: Music that Tells a Story. We will also perform a significantly easier drill so that we can learn and perform the show with competence given the restricted amount of time. We will NOT use any significant props. The guard will “recycle” as many flags as possible from previous years.

We will NOT do any pregame; however, we will play the Star-Spangled Banner and Fight Song before the football games begin.

We will also learn some “Pep-Band” music so that we can play in the stands. And we hope students will be able to perform in uniform.


Cost will be $450 per student (about ½ our normal marching band fee). Many have already paid a $100 deposit at marching band registration in the fall and this will count toward the $450.


Will be open to all, including virtual academy students.


Students will be given the health screening before rehearsal (if they have not been physically at school that day already). We will follow health and safety procedures as required by the school.

Once we know how many participants we will have, we will be able to make more plans and provide more details. Most importantly, right now, we need to know some information from you. Even if you are NOT interested in joining Spring Marching Band, PLEASE respond to this message by clicking on the link below. Responses are due Friday, January 22nd. 

Click here to let us know if you are interested in Spring Marching Band:


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Dr. Jerry Markoch, Director of Bands

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