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Summer Guitar Lessons From Doc

Each summer for the past several years I have been offering a series of guitar lessons with great success!  Geared primarily for beginners and moderately proficient students, these lessons have offered a refreshing way to experience music and enhance one’s overall musicianship.  And I’m open to teaching adults as well.

As described in the attached memo, the only thing the student needs to provide is a guitar.  There are many of those floating around, or one can be procured at a local music store, or purchased online inexpensively.


I grew up playing the guitar, having studied the instrument since 4th grade.  Like piano, the guitar is both a melodic and harmonic instrument – and quite rhythmic when one considers all the strumming patterns available.  Without hesitation, I know that my musical ear and overall instinct was shaped primarily by my experience playing this wonderful instrument.


Please contact me if someone in your family is interested – and feel free to pass this along to anyone else that you know!

Thank you so much!



Summer Guitar Lesson Program (2018)

A total of six 40-minute private lessons will be offered during the weeks of June 18 through August 13.  Lessons will be given on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays between 8:30am-2:00pm.  Students may choose which weeks they can attend to fit their summer schedule.  I am very flexible with regard to makeups.

No lessons will be given the week of July 2 and July 30.  (This still provides 7 possible weeks for lessons.)

All lessons will be given by Dr. Jerry Markoch, Director of Bands at Athens Drive H.S. who has over 30 years of teaching experience.  Lessons will be given at a former band parent’s residence, located minutes from Athens Drive.  [WCPSS prohibits employees from giving “private” lessons on school property.]

The total cost of the lessons is $225.00—this includes all instructional materials except the guitar.  Students must supply their own guitar; however, guitars can often be borrowed or rented inexpensively at many local dealers.   An acoustic guitar is the best choice for a beginner (it is the most common type of guitar with steel strings).

A $75 deposit (made payable to Dr. Jerry Markoch and sent to the address above) is required to secure a lesson time in the schedule.  It would be preferred that the balance ($150) be paid by the third lesson; however, alternative arrangements can be made.

Although lessons are geared for beginning students in grades 4-12, college age students and adults are welcome.  No prior music experience is necessary.  Lessons can also be given to “intermediate-skilled” students with a year or two of experience.

To get started, please contact Dr. Markoch via email ( with the preferred day and time of lesson.


I have had the opportunity to teach summer guitar lessons to many of our band students for the past 6 years.  It is a terrific, refreshing way to experience music.  Most of our students have learned the skills needed to continue to play the guitar for the rest of their life!  Thank you for your interest in this unique program!

Dr. Jerry Markoch, Director of Bands

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