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To Our Graduating Seniors and Parents

If you are a graduating senior or parent of a graduating senior, WE WANT TO KEEP IN TOUCH! Please add yourself to our Alumni Email Group, like us on Facebook and (for prosperity) add your information to our Alumni Database. We even have ways you can Stay Involved!


Athens Drive High School Band Alumni Yahoo! Group

This group is focused on keeping in touch with parent and student alumni. Our promise to you as a member of our Alumni Group…we will NOT bombard your mailbox. We will only use the Alumni Group to invite you to events where we are encouraging alumni participation.

To subscribe to the alumni email list, send a blank email to and then reply to the confirmation email (option 2 in the confirmation email). You do not need to click on the link in the confirmation email. Just press reply and send.
You are welcome to remain on our Athens Band Yahoo! Group; however, if you would like to unsubscribe, you can do so by:

• sending an email to:; OR,
• scrolling to the bottom of any email from Athens Band and clicking the link labeled “Unsubscribe”

If you encounter difficulty unsubscribing from our Band group or subscribing to our Alumni group, please send an email to


Athens Drive Band Alumni, Friends & Members

You can also keep up with up to date information, alumni events, concerts, special events and competition results with a simple “Like” of our “Athens Drive Band Alumni, Friends & Members” page on Facebook.

Click to: Visit Alumni, Friends & Members Page


Athens Drive Band Alumni Database

Please consider adding your contact information. Having this information ensures our ability to get in touch with you regarding future alumni related events. To add your information, click below:
Click to: Add to Alumni Database

4. STAY INVOLVED (We love having you around!)
Done with some of those band related items like marching shoes? Concert dresses? Your starter instrument? BandBay is a great way to directly sell those items to other Athens Band families – the audience most likely to purchase them. Simply scroll to the bottom of the BandBay page to list your band-related items that you no longer need.

Want to help or miss the fun and fellowship of working at the PNC? State Fair Parking? NC Football Club? PARCC? Alumni are always welcome to pick up a few shifts and work for one of your band friends or contribute your earnings to a family in need. Remember all those Saturday marching band competitions? The band will inevitably have conflicts and really needs the support of alumni families to keep these fundraisers successful!

Did you use Grocery Cards or Scrip to earn money for your band account? Don’t stop now! Let your earnings help a friend, the general band fund, or a student in need.

Be sure to join current band families and alumni in September and in the spring for the Band BBQ. There are plenty of ways to be involved in this band tradition – advertise to local businesses, help with deliveries, set up, serve, bake, or just join us for some fellowship and come eat! Dates will be announced soon.

Additionally, please continue supporting our Let’s Eat! fundraiser. What better way to meet up with old friends, enjoy a meal AND help out the band?!?
Congratulations on your graduation and best of luck in your future endeavors! We will MISS YOU and would REALLY LOVE to keep in touch!

Hope to see you at upcoming band events.

Your Athens Drive Band Alumni Committee,
Lynne Davies-Cutting, Greg Fishel, Kay Jamison, Kim Lowe & Aleece Spalding

Booster Team

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Support The Band

Earn money for your band account and for the band.

We Need You!

We can't do this without your help.  Sign Up To Volunteer.

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