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Winter Percussion Clinic and Parent Interest Meeting

All students interested in participating in the Athens Drive HS Band’s 2018-19 Winter Percussion Line are invited to attend the following interest clinics at school to be held:

  • November 5th 6:30pm-8:00pm*          
  • November 6th 3pm-5:30pm

 *(There will be an interest meeting for Parents on Monday, November 5th at 6:15 pm in the Chorus room.)

  • November 13th 3pm-5:30 – instrument auditions
  • November 20th 12pm-3:30 – instrument auditions  

All interested students, new and returning, are required to attend the introductory/interest clinics as well as the auditions on

November 13th and 20th. There is no commitment required to attend these rehearsals and they provide an excellent forum for parents and students to ask questions and discuss the season in detail.


Our Winter Percussion Line rehearses from mid-November through mid-April and performs in a series of competitions beginning in February.

For complete information, including qualifications, attendance requirements, performance expectations, the purpose of orientation/audition sessions, fair share expense and commitment requirements, please see information below:

If you have any questions, please contact Dee Nicol & Robin Groth our Percussion Support contacts at



The Athens Drive H.S. Winter Percussion Line is the indoor complement to the percussion unit of the marching band, and is a formal part of our entire band program. Like the marching band percussion section, this indoor group auditions students for battery percussion (marching snares, tenors, basses) and front ensemble instrumentation (mallet instruments, timpani, auxiliary percussion). The group is also looking for a drum set player in addition to pianists to play synthesizer. To be chosen as a member of the Winter Percussion Line is an honor and performing as part of this group is a privilege. The group rehearses from mid-November through mid-April and performs in a series of competitions beginning in late February. Any Athens Drive student is welcome to participate (you do not need to be currently involved in the band program); however, the ability to read music is a prerequisite. John Antonelli is the lead staff instructor.

  1. Qualifications
  • The Winter Percussion Line is open to all current seniors, juniors, sophomores, and freshmen.
  • A positive attitude must be demonstrated at all times as reflected in the quality of the work and the relationships with other members of the unit. Students must be trusted to work independently and be able to work together in small and large groupings. Students must also be willing to spend the extra time required to set-up and store-away equipment used in rehearsals/performances.
  • Minimal musical competency includes the comprehension and performance of basic rhythms (subdivision to the sixteenth note and syncopation) in 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 6/8 and cut time meter.  All students must be able to read rhythmic notation; mallet performers must be able to read pitch notation.
  1. Attendance

It is important to realize that because the group is so interdependent (that is, everyone depends on everyone to be there), any absence or tardy hinders the progress of the group.  All percussionists are expected to be at every rehearsal and performance.  The schedule of rehearsals and performances is tentative but fairly accurate; the entire schedule will be discussed in detail during the orientation/introductory rehearsal.

Once the schedule is officially agreed upon and confirmed, conflicts with any of the dates must be presented in writing to both the instructors and the parent advisor(s).  Email addresses and phone numbers will be distributed at the orientation rehearsals.  The instructor reserves the right to prohibit a student from performance due to excessive or unexcused absence.

III.  Performance Expectations

Members will be expected to know the music and choreography before being permitted to perform.  This policy will be enforced in the interest of the individual student as well as the entire unit.  A member who does not demonstrate satisfactory proficiency in performing part of the show may be asked to perform less work.

  1. Orientation/Audition Sessions

The orientation sessions will consist of sight-reading and exercises related to specific instruments.  Students who have no previous percussion experience, but who can read music, should not be discouraged from participating.  We are especially interested in piano players for mallet instruments.

Instrumental assignments will be determined by the quality and skill of those participating and the needs of the line.

  1. Fair Share Expense


There is a “fair share obligation” for participating in the Winter Percussion Line because the program is not funded by the county.  For all instrumental participants, in order to cover the cost of the instructors, music, choreography, competition entry fees, and select equipment, each member will be assessed $745 (additional non-refundable registration of $100 is due at time of registration).  Activity buses and/or carpools will be arranged to offset expenses for travel to local competitions.  Charter buses will provide travel to out of state competitions.

The total $845 obligation may be paid in full at the beginning of the season (11/21) or may be divided up in the following manner:  $100 on 11/21 (non-refundable registration fee); $190 on 12/15; $190 on 1/15; $190 on 2/15 and $175 on 3/15.  Financial assistance is available through the booster organization for students who demonstrate need; however, assistance is often contingent on a willingness to participate in fundraising activities and past record of service.  No student should be discouraged to join due to the financial obligation; we will assist every family willing to contribute their “fair share.”

  1. Commitment

Upon deciding to participate in the Winter Percussion Line, each student—new and returning– must complete and submit the online “Winter Percussion Intent Form” along with a $100 non-refundable deposit by Tuesday, Nov. 20th (checks payable to the Athens Drive Band Boosters).  The form is located on the Forms page of our website ( as well as the Winter Percussion page (located under the Performance Groups tab).  Students/families with a credit in their band account can have this deposit deducted by indicating so on the form.  The $100 registration fee will be applied toward the total overall Winter Percussion Line assessment.

If you have any questions regarding the contents of this letter or our band program, please do not hesitate to contact me (e-mail is easiest).

If you have any general questions about the Winter Percussion program – please contact Dee Nicol or Robin Groth at

We look forward to seeing you at the parent/student orientation meeting on Monday, November 5th.



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Dr. Jerry Markoch, Director of Bands

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