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The Athens Drive Band Boosters Sponsor Program

The Athens Drive Band Boosters Sponsor Program offers sponsorship opportunities to both businesses and individuals. Sponsorships range from our $100 “Friends of the Band” level to our $5,000+ “Director” level.


How do sponsors benefit?

Businesses that “partner” with the band will receive varying levels of recognition based upon their level of support. They gain community exposure (advertising) and are eligible for tax write-offs. By partnering with local businesses, we are making community connections. Businesses that invest in a program that instills discipline, work ethic, music appreciation, fitness, camaraderie, and respect are investing in this community’s future leaders!

How does the band benefit?

Not only does our band perform at all home football games, but we also travel to competitions all over the state of North Carolina. Special exhibition trips also allow students the opportunity to showcase their talents and represent our school and state in a variety of unique venues (Washington DC, Disney World, etc.).

All funds collected through the sponsor program go directly into the general fund to finance band travel to these competitions and exhibitions, as well as visiting instructor stipends, scholarships, equipment cost and maintenance, music licensing, etc.

Finding your sponsors

To assist in the collection of all required information, we have provided a hard copy “sponsorship kit” that details each level available to our community partners/individual benefactors and includes a sponsor form (see link below). Start with companies that you support on a regular basis: your dentist, your exterminator, a local contractor, etc. Your positive testimony about the Athens Drive Band Program is the best pitch!

Please note: It is VERY IMPORTANT that you provide your contact information at the bottom of the Sponsorship Form. This provides the boosters with information necessary to credit your account (10% of the total amount of all sponsorships you obtain).

Please remember that care must be taken to avoid repeated solicitations of businesses and a professional approach should be used. To help prevent repeated solicitations of businesses, please view our Sponsor Contact Spreadsheet (below) before contacting a business. If the company you wish to approach is not already listed, please make an entry in the file to let others know you have made contact.


Financial information about this organization and a copy of its license are available from the State Solicitation Licensing Branch at 919-807-2214. The license is not an endorsement by the State.


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Support The Band

Earn money for your band account and for the band.

We Need You!

We can't do this without your help.  Sign Up To Volunteer.

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