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Band parent chaperones are needed for many events to help activities run smoothly and efficiently, and for student safety.

After School Rehearsal Guidelines for Chaperones

General Procedures

PLEASE!! DO NOT come to rehearsal if:

  • you do not feel well
  • you have any COVID symptoms
  • you think you may have been exposed to COVID

Wear a face covering at all times

Stay 6 feet apart.

A binder with emergency contact numbers and a bag with basic first aid supplies will be kept in the band room on the metal shelves near the doors.

Cleaner (for end of rehearsal), extra masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer can also be found on the metal shelves. There will also be a basket with cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer, etc for use in the cafeteria.

  • Please arrive 15 minutes before rehearsals.
  • Get a health screening as soon as there is someone there who is able to do that (either Doc or another screener).
  • Help students maintain 6 feet social distancing while waiting for health screening.
  • Direct students into the rehearsal rooms, discourage loitering.
  • If Doc is doing health screenings, one chaperone should be outside helping with the line and one inside reminding students to social distance and wear masks.
  • Chaperones assigned to the cafeteria should take the basket with cleaner, hand sanitizer, etc. to the cafeteria. Please make sure to bring it back to the band room after the 6:00 rehearsal.
  • You can sit in a chair outside the band room or cafeteria. Just try to be within earshot in case Doc or John need assistance.
  • Make sure students are in the rooms where they are supposed to be and not wandering hallways.
  • If you notice any supplies are running low, please email

Separate the student from the rest of the group. If it is not too cold, might be best to go outside.

If the student feels well enough, and they drove to rehearsal, they can drive home. Have them call their parent and tell them that they are coming home. Make sure they did not bring anyone else with them.

if the student is severely ill or did not drive, call parent/caregiver to come and pick them up. If needed, a binder with contact information can be found on the metal shelves in the band room. In most cases students will be able to call their parent using their phone).

Send an email to with student name, reason for leaving rehearsal (symptoms), date and time.


Before students are dismissed, try to make sure Doc has instructed the students to spray chairs, music stands and/or any shared equipment (such as tuners) with cleaner. Students can then wipe down their own areas before leaving. You do NOT have to enter the rehearsal room.

Encourage proper social distancing/mask wearing/hand sanitizing, and traffic flow as students exit the room.

Encourage students to move out of the building and to leave promptly following the rehearsal.

Chaperone Duties And Information




  • Arrive on the practice field by 2:45 pm.
  • The Field Crew will bring and unload: tables, filled water coolers, cups, trash bags, and the medical bag.
  • Set 1 water cooler at the far end of each table. Tie a garbage bag to one of the handles of each of the end coolers for used cups.
  • Fill cups for students as they arrive. Fill cups at intervals prior to breaks. Students generally break every 20-30 minutes. If you listen to Doc, he will sometimes give you advanced notice of when breaks will occur.
  • Bathroom breaks: when needed, one chaperone drives students up to the band room to use the restrooms.
  • Chaperones attend to medical needs as necessary.
  • At the end of practice, empty all coolers and put all unused cups back in the box. Seal the trash bags. The Field Crew will put all of the supplies back onto the truck.

**Save one filled cooler for the Guard to use for their evening practice. The guard generally practices on Wednesday evenings.

Additional Information:
  • Chaperones bring a chair to sit in. Your chairs may also be used for students if they are ill.
  • There is a medical bag at all practices with: bandaids, ibuprofen, etc.
  • There is no medical personnel at practices.
  • Bring a cell phone in case you need to call the parents of a sick child, or if an emergency arises.
  • There is at least 1 all-day Saturday practice each marching season. Duties are primarily the same as above.

Chaperones must be a registered WCPSS volunteers. Click for: Registration Information




Chaperones must wear an ADHS polo or a royal blue top, black pants, and black shoes.

  • Arrive when the students arrive. Check current band emails for the arrival time.
  • Check-in with a head chaperone. Prepare wagon with: water coolers and cups.
  • Walk-behind the band. One person pulls the wagon.
  • Chaperones stay throughout the entire event in case students need assistance.
  • Return to the bedroom. Empty coolers and put cups away.
  • Additional Information:
  • Due to limited seating on the buses; rides may or may not be available.

Chaperones must be a registered WCPSS volunteers. Click for: Registration Information

Football Games




Chaperones must wear an ADHS band shirt.

  • Arrive when students arrive- usually at 6 pm (Check current band emails for the exact time)
  • Upon arrival, check-in with the head chaperone for duties which include:
    preparing water coolers and cups and putting them on the truck to be taken down to the field
  • Marching down to the stadium with the band, for safety roping off the band section of the stadium
  • Sitting is the student section to help with water breaks
  • Chaperones stay throughout the event in case the students need assistance, and march back to the band room with the band.
  • Chaperones empty coolers and put away cups.

Chaperones must be a registered WCPSS volunteers. Click for: Registration Information



Dress for the weather.

  • Reminders will be sent out with details regarding the time to meet and other details.
  • Check-in with the head chaperone.
  • Chaperones ride the bus when space is available.
  • Tend to minor medical issues on the bus as needed (medical chaperone will be present).
At the Competition:
  • Accompany students to the restroom upon arrival.
  • Students will put on uniforms in a staging area near the buses.
  • Water will be available for students by another committee and you can help with that if needed
  • Accompany students and help the uniform committee as needed.
  • Tend to minor medical issues as needed. A medical chaperone is present
  • Accompany students to the stadium.
  • Watch the competition from the stadium.
  • Meet back up with the band and accompany them through awards and onto the bus.
  • Snacks or lunch/dinner may be served by another committee. Help them as needed.


Additional Information:

Due to limited seating on the buses, rides may or may not be available.

Chaperones must be a registered WCPSS volunteers. Click for: Registration Information