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The Athens Drive High School Marching Band is an extracurricular group that performs from August through December. Performances include home football games, various competitions, and area parades. Practices begin mid to late July and end in November. Performances begin in August and end with area parades in early December.


Our marching band performs a variety of music reflecting the three major roles that we fulfill to our school/community and students:

  1. ceremonial/patriotic music (Star-Spangled Banner, America, etc.) to fulfill our role as an ambassador;
  2.  pep and spirited music (oldies and current hits) to add excitement to sporting events and rallies;
  3.  “artistic music” to enhance the music education of our students and audience. It is this music that we play for competitions.


Students interested in Color Guard or percussion must attend the clinics and auditions in May. Specific placement within units will depend on talent/skill level. Woodwind and brass players who have successfully completed the 8th-grade band in middle school are not required to audition. Students who have not participated in middle school band should contact the band director for specific requirements.

Orientation Meetings

All rising freshmen are highly encouraged to attend one or both of the orientation meetings held in May of each year. [Percussion and guard students must attend these meetings as they are clinic dates.] The purpose of these meetings is to provide an opportunity for students and parents to visit our campus, meet our staff and parent boosters, and actually do some rehearsing (wear tennis shoes and bring your instrument).

Summer Rehearsals

Summer rehearsals are necessary due to the school schedule and the amount of training/conditioning involved in this activity. Percussionists and guards usually meet 1-2 days per week throughout June and July to learn/strengthen fundamentals. These informal rehearsals are NOT MANDATORY but highly encouraged. The instructors will provide dates and times for these rehearsals in early June.

Pre-Camp is required for all band members (including percussion and guard) in order to teach/review marching fundamentals and for students to get acquainted with each other and the staff. Band Camp is the most important week of the marching band season. It is an intense week where students focus almost entirely on learning the competition show. The purpose of Post Camp is to reinforce and strengthen skills, movement, and music learned at band camp.

If you would like to participate in the upcoming Marching Band season but cannot attend one or more of the summer rehearsals, please contact the band office as soon as possible. Band camp is the most critical of all weeks; exceptions to this week are made sparingly and are based on musicianship skills and circumstances.


As the marching band receives NO FUNDING from WCPSS, it is necessary to assess a “fair share obligation” for participating in the marching band. For more details about financial commitment, fees, Fair Share details, and payment schedules, click HERE.

The financial requirements of the marching band can seem a little overwhelming, but please don’t let the finances stop you from joining the marching band. There are a large number of ways to earn funds to help offset the costs of participating in the band. It really is easier than you might think. In addition, financial aid is available to families who demonstrate a true financial need. Just remember that this is an investment in your student that will last a lifetime! To find out more about fundraising opportunities or additional details, visit the Fundraisers page of the band website.

How do I sign up?

In order to be included in the Athens Drive Marching Band, each student—new and returning—must complete the Marching Band Registration Form no later than May 31st. The form is available on the Forms page of this website under the Marching Band Forms header.

Please note that there is a non-refundable registration fee of $200. Students with a credit in their band account can have this fee deducted from their band account by indicating so on the form. Students/families owing a balance on their band account from the previous year must pay the balance in full by June 1st in order to enroll for the upcoming year. Financial assistance is available through the booster organization for students who demonstrate need.

Because our music and drill are custom written for our band, we must submit exact numbers by the first Friday in June. Students who enroll after that time are not guaranteed a position, but spots may be available. Please email to see if spots are available.

Final Thoughts

Because the success of a group such as the marching band is contingent upon participation from everyone involved, it is crucial that students be at ALL rehearsals and performances. If you see a serious conflict with any of the aforementioned dates, please let me know in writing as soon as possible. Many circumstances—including doctor appointments—can be adjusted now in order to avoid hindering the progress of over 160 students!

We are proud of the fact that over 85% of all instrumental music students at ADHS (those enrolled in Concert Band, Symphonic Band, and Wind Ensemble) participate in the marching band. We are also excited about the accomplishments of this group. During the past 35 years, the marching band has won numerous “First Place” awards, including “Grand Champion” at several prestigious competitions. This is an outstanding music program and we look forward to your enthusiastic participation!

Our current Marching Band Schedule can be found on the Schedules page of this website.

If you have any questions regarding our band program, please do not hesitate to contact

We look forward to seeing you soon!