The Athens Drive Band Program consists of both co-curricular and extra-curricular ensembles.

Co-curricular ensembles are high school courses which receive high school credit hours. These are 90 minute classes held during the day and taught by Dr. Markoch.  Students sign up for these courses when registering for classes. We strongly encourage signing up for both fall and spring semesters. Students participating in class band receive a comprehensive and high-quality program of music instruction.

Extra-curricular ensembles are activities held after school which receive no academic credit. Participation in these programs can be one of the most enjoyable, exhilarating experiences music education provides.

We strongly encourage our band students to participate in both co-curricular and extra-curricular ensembles.

Class Band


  • Entry level high school band for students successfully completing middle school band.
  • Most 8th graders will enroll in this class.
  • Fall & Spring Semester enrollment highly encouraged.


  • Mid-level concert ensemble comprised mainly of sophomores and juniors.
  • Honors level course. Audition required for membership.
  • Rising freshmen may audition only if they receive a recommendation from their middle school band director.
  • Fall & Spring Semester enrollment expected.


  • Most advanced concert ensemble comprised mainly of seniors and juniors who have demonstrated exceptional talent, interest, and maturity on their instrument.
  • Honors level course. Annual audition required.
  • Fall & Spring Semester enrollment expected.

 For more detailed info, visit the Class Ensembles page HERE.

Marching Band


The Marching Band is the most visible and active group on campus, with approximately 90% of class band students participating. Marching Band includes woodwind and brass instruments,      percussion, and color guard (flags,  rifles, sabers).  Auditions/skills assessments are required for  percussion and color guard and are held in May.  No audition is required for woodwind and brass instrumentalists who have completed middle school band. All participants must be registered by early June.        

For detailed info, visit the Marching Band page HERE.

Jazz Ensemble


The Jazz Ensemble performs a lighter variety of music including all forms of jazz (swing, ballads, Latin, etc.), some rock, and popular music.  Standard instrumentation includes saxophones, trumpets, trombones, drum set and auxiliary, bass, guitar, and piano.  Clarinets and flutes are also accepted if the  student is willing to transpose music.  Tubas can be considered as well. This group    performs at several  concerts,  festivals, and school/community events.        

For more detailed info, visit the Jazz Ensemble page HERE.

Winter Guard


Winter Guard is the indoor complement to the marching band color guard. Through dance, choreographed movements, and the use of equipment such as flags, rifles, and other props, they achieve the highest quality of visual performance.  This ensemble performs at regional competitions.  Auditions are required; although helpful, previous experience is not a prerequisite.

For more info, visit the Winter Guard page HERE.

Winter Percussion


Winter Percussion is the indoor complement to the percussion section of the marching band.  They are a visual performance group which includes battery, percussion, and front ensemble instrumentation. The group also utilizes synthesizer, electric bass, guitar, drum set, and props.  They compete at several regional competitions and the WGI World Championships in Dayton, Ohio. Auditions are required; although helpful, marching experience is not a prerequisite.

For more info, visit the Winter Percussion page HERE.

Athens Drive Fight Song

We encourage all parents, students, and fans to learn our fight song and sing out LOUD during home games!

Athens Drive Fight Song

Drive drive on Athens!
Hail the orange and blue.

We are the Jaguars,
Loyal through and through.

Psych up the defense,
Let’s go offense, score!

Proudly we honor thee
Athens Drive forevermore!

Let’s Go Jags!