Booster Minutes

Athens Drive Band Boosters Booster Meeting Thursday, September 10th, 2015

Start Time: 7:40PM
Attendance: ?

President (Mary Knierim (filling in for Wendy Bennett) and Susan Harrell): Welcome.

Composite Photos:

Secretary’s Report (Jami Summers): No minutes, this is first meeting.

Treasurer’s Report (Joe Baker):

  • He said it’s a very busy time of year. He went over the budget very briefly.
  • Our total revenues were $397,978.00, Expenses were $332,519.00.
  • Account Credits were $68,659.
  • Net Income was $3,200.00.
  • Statements should be coming out by email very shortly.

Chaperones (Deb Alvord): As of 9/11 – 31 individuals have given 389.5 hours of volunteering. For football games they have new lighted ropes and vests for safety. They will also be used for State Fair Parking. Deb did a demonstration of how to sign up on the website. She asked that people not add in spots if they are already filled up.

Coupon Books (Pam Rusnak): She said that those that earned free books will receive those after all the accounting is done. So far it looks better than last year’s numbers.

Harris Teeter (Jean Burroughs): Everyone should have their VIP card linked to 2153. If you do it by 9/30 you will be entered to win $200. Last year we earned $1007.84. You can also link your Kroger card to 83764. Food Lion cards we earn 5% back and Lowes Foods we earn 6%- but cannot reload those. Kroger grocery cards are under consideration but need a $5000 initial order.
Scrip cards (Jean Burroughs): $1000 earned last month through scrip cards. You are able to access them on your phone. On September 14th there are special bonuses – its free money!!

BBQ (Laura Ashford): Laura asked for everyone to help with desserts! Bring homemade desserts in $1 size baggies to the BBQ. Lots of people have been out selling, but she needs more to sign up to help. She will look into bulk buying.

PNC (Tabitha Groelle): We are adopting a Dippin Dots cart. Easier to staff. She will be doing and information session for parents at the 9-9 practice. If you earn money you can put it in a scholarship fund instead of your account. And PNC does count towards your service credits.
Lemonade Stand (Michelle Young): She said they had their first game last week. The stadium is trying vending in the stands this year. They are also selling Dippin Dots. We have 2 stands this year which is 12 spots. She cannot put up spots to sign up until the Team announces a time for the game. 14 and older can work. She is looking for a co-chair.
State Fair Parking (Aleece Spalding): She announced that Richard Spalding, Keli Lloyd, and Susan Britten are chairing. The fair is October 15th-25th. Sign ups will go up this Saturday.

Mattress Sale (Aleece Spalding): She needs a co-chair. The sale is Saturday November 14th. There will be a parent meeting at the 9-9 practice at 8:30 pm with Clint Stovall. He gives $10 to the kids for each prospective phone call they make.

Big Al’s (Wayne Childers): This fund raiser goes on during the fair. Adults earn $9 per hour and students earn $7 per hour plus $1 towards general fund. There are AM and PM shifts which include admission to the fair. It does not count towards service credits. Signups will go up early next week. Students must work with their parents.

Remind App (Michael Bynum): He explained that this app is a way for us to post to the entire band, or only sections of the band, when we need to change a time or location. So far we have 138 students and 210 parents registered.

Transportation (David Scarborough): He said that he is trying to find someone that has a trailer that could transport the 5 uniform racks. And they always need drivers.

Mary Knierim: She announced that we are still looking for a lot of co-chairs or trainees for lots of programs-Sponsorship, Grants, Bulls, Golf Tourney, Mattress Sale, Lemonade Stand, PNC, First Aid (does not need to be a nurse or doctor-just CPR trained), Year End Video, Meals and Snacks, Practice Field, Big Al’s, Concert Video.

Disney Trip (Richard Spalding) : He said that plans are not yet finalized but close. He looked at the trip that Apex High went on last year for 3 days and the cost was $800. We’ll have 4 days and it will be no more than $700and will include 2 meals a day. There will be a separate block for parents at hotel and can purchase tickets for everything.

Director News (Doc) :

  • Started off with a delivery of pink roses and pink balloons and a phone call from Greg Fishel announcing that after 17months he finally beat Doc at golf so now Doc has the pink ball.
  • Everyone, including class bands is included in the Disney trip.
  • Band is one big Family.
  • The Band program receives no money from the school.
  • We’re off to a great start.
  • All parents are useful! We need all kinds of talents.
  • 9-9 rehearsal is to make sure everything works together.
  • Chamber Concert is October 8th.
  • Fall concert is October 29th with Wind Ensemble and Symphonic band.

Meeting Adjourned: 9:40PM

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