Booster Minutes

Band Booster Meeting October 2, 2014

Meeting started at 7:30 p.m.

Attendance: 47

President: Welcome

Secretary: Minutes distributed and reviewed. Motion to approve by Carter Alvord. Second Glenna Falk.


  • Everyone should have gotten statement on Monday. Trip charges and extras on statement.
  • Overview of band’s finances. Income as of this afternoon: $152,746.94; expenses $108,000. $8,000 for due for coupon books. Down to about $32,000. Funds are tight this time of year.
  • Bulls – $20,000 in band accounts; $4,500 in general fund
  • NCSU Lemonade – $1,000 in band accounts to date. No check from vendor yet.
  • BBQ – $4,500 (exceeded goal)
  • Coupon Books – $2,822 for general fund (exceeded goal) $5,650 in band accounts
  • State Fair Parking coming up – important fundraiser coming up
  • Fruit and Nut and Mattress Sale coming up
  • Philly Trip – $62,000 income expected to come in to pay for the trip. Important to make payments on time. $26,000 collected so far. October 5th 2nd payment due.

Ways and Means:

  • Scrip – The October Scrip order will be placed on Sunday, 10/5. Cards will be available at the Chamber Concert on Thursday, October 9th.
  • BBQ – Thank you to Laura and everyone who helped at BBQ!
  • PNC – Desperate need for workers next Friday. Lots of openings in November. Two events while band is in Philadelphia. Increased pay for those two events. Adding new events every day.
  • Fruit and Nut – Packets delivered Monday, October 27th; orders due November 17th; delivery December 12th. Good amount of time to get orders taken. Annual fundraiser – oranges, tangelos and grapefruit, nuts. May add apples this year. Top quality fruit. No pineapples this year.
  • Cookbook – Have 340 recipes. Look forward to seeing. Sold at same time as Fruit and Nut. Hope to deliver with Fruit and Nut orders on 12/12. Proofing recipes right now. Not taking pre-orders. Will order in bulk. $15 estimated price. Pictures of band throughout. Hope to be able to sell for an extended time.
  • State Fair Parking- Just a few shifts open, mostly on competition Saturdays. Fun way to earn money for your band account.
  • Big Al’s – Filled 89 shifts. 59 people working. $4,500 to $5,000 for student accounts and $500 to general fund. Information meeting October 7th at 5:30 p.m.
  • NCSU Lemonade Stand – 5 slots open on November 15th; Next 2 games full. Thank you to everyone who has worked. No band conflicts for the rest of the games.

Operations: Jim Merchant – all good. Thank you to pit crew, props, drivers, chaperones, bus drivers. Need WCPSS employees to drive mini bus. Must be full time employee.

Chaperones: Kimmie Jacobs – Thank you to everyone for helping out with practice and competition. Need chaperones from 12 -3 on Saturday during practice at school. Let Kimmie know if available.

Uniforms: Joyce Bubar – thanks to everyone who has helped. Encourage students to take them home. Wash bibs, gloves and collars. Remember black socks – calf length necessary. Don’t take home this weekend – composite pictures next week. Will send e-mail reminder.

Composite pictures: Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri – Still need a few volunteers on Wednesday. Easy, fun job. Link to order pictures will be provided. Orders made online. Feel free to call Trish with any questions. Portion of profits to the band. Good casual shots.

Alumni: Kay Jamison looking for a current band parent to help her. Great ideas for alumni events. Let Mary know if you are interested.

Philadelphia trip: Richard Spalding – More details at next meeting. Thank you for getting information in on time. 136 students signed up to march. Demonstrates our ability to come out in force. 226 people signed up for Thanksgiving meal! Final headcounts due soon. Please check your statement to make sure you were charged for what you intended to order. New procedures – Early Drop Off procedure – Can drop student off at school at 6:00 – $5 pizza and movies. Need to set up sign ups. Early release procedure – Please let us know if you are taking your kids off the trip early. Must make sure to let your student’s chaperone know and make arrangements to get luggage. Need releases by Saturday. T-Shirts for all students – will be using marching band t-shirt sizes. Let us know if need change of size. Block of rooms at hotel still available, but will be released soon. More travel information coming soon so you can plan activities. Keep an eye on the online FAQs. Email questions to

Guard: Kim Davis – 12 girls – small group – good group – working hard – compliments received about guard. Thank you for support. Rebecca and Mary working hard to make it a fun group. Mason and Sydney – instructors – thank you for supporting the group by providing fine instructors.

Jim Merchant – looking good

Mattress Sale: Aleece Spalding and Karen Haneline – Fundraiser started last year – no risk to us – Clint Stovall takes all of the risk. Mattress Sale promo video based on Frozen. Mattress sale Saturday, November 15th. Testimonials from last year’s sales – good mattresses, good prices, good buying experience. Want the band to get excited about the mattress sale. Promote to your friends and family. Clint is available to handle any questions and make sure the customers are satisfied. Added Simmons line to the sale this year. Mattresses in all price points. Need the band families to tell people to come to the sale. Clint Stovall – appreciates the energy that Athens puts into this fundraiser. Why it works – 1 in 10 going to buy a mattress in the near future. Why would they come to Athens to buy a mattress? Because they were invited by a band family. No showroom, pass savings onto buyers. 49 sold last year. 44 were referrals. Bonuses at different levels. Facebook page – like the page and invite your friends. Incentive to the kids for referrals. Volunteer sign ups go live tomorrow. October 28th meeting after practice with the kids. 128 mattresses sold = $20,000

Director’s Report:

  • Most kids (90%) in marching band. Most important thing is for our band families to like the show – does it look good, sound good, make sense? Focus on awards is not what is important. Pride in our program. Enjoyed winning Grand Champion last week. Kids work hard and deserved it. Celebrate our high points. Will perform well this weekend. Just enjoy the performances and have pride. Musical experience and camaraderie experience for the kids. Special time for the kids to enjoy each other. Few little changes each week. Marching season passes quickly. Props are beautiful. Fun with flying saucer and ET bike.
  • Class bands going great. Instructors coming in and the kids love them. High brass, low brass, saxophones, clarinets, flutes – instructors coming in. Chamber concert next Thursday at 7:30. Small groups of students playing then entire Wind Ensemble at end. No MB practice for winds on Wed or Thursday next week. Football game Friday. No show Saturday.
  • November 4th – Fall concert SB and WE. WE plays at State Educators Convention on Veterans Day at 11:00 in Winston Salem. Starting with Star Spangled Banner. Ending with God’s Country. Well rounded music department. The kids are musicians and artists. Proud of the kids.
  • October 24th – last football game – Senior night and 8th grade night.
  • Pink out soccer game – Monday, October 13th – Pep band to perform for service hours
  • October 14th – Oak Grove Elementary – Fitness Night – service hours available
  • October 22nd – State Fair Performance to honor veterans – Service to our community
  • October 31st – Yates Mill – Character Parade – service hours available
  • Thank you for supporting the Philadelphia trip. Honorary trip. Promised 130 delivered 136. Thank you to Richard for all of his work and attention to details.
  • Positive vibe – Family – Support the kids. Thank you for perpetuating the culture. Do your best every day and the awards will come. Kids will always remember the feeling of camaraderie. Learn to be on time. Learn to be positive. Lift up not belittle. Section leaders working hard. Doing a great job.

Meeting ended at 9:10 p.m.

Next meeting – Thursday, November 13th at 7:30 p.m.

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