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Football Game Logistics Aug 19,2022

Dear marching band student and parent,

The purpose of this letter is to provide information concerning our FIRST HOME FOOTBALL GAME this Friday! (Geez, it’s still summer…and school hasn’t even started yet… but at least it is a bit cooler this week.☺)

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Friday, August 19, 2022

Report to ADHS band room 5:30pm

Warm-up in front (junior) parking area 5:50pm

Walk to staging area 6:20pm

March to stadium 6:35pm

Pregame 6:45pm

Game begins 7:00pm

Halftime performance @7:50pm

Dismissal (at flagpole near gym entrance) @9:45pm

*Percussion and tuba captain(s) must arrange to have their instrument stands placed in the bleachers before the reporting time.

Students are to wear their BLUE SHOW TEE SHIRT, shorts, socks and tennis shoes. They must also bring a BACKPACK to carry a water bottle, flip folder with pep band music, lyre, and snack if they do not wish to purchase any from our concessions. Our concession stand will be open during the 3rd quarter where the students may purchase drinks/snacks following their performance.

Here’s how our football games work:

The students report to the school early in order to warm up and prepare to march into our stadium. After dropping off the kids, the parents have an hour to go grab some dinner, etc.
You want to be in the stadium around 6:30ish in order to get a seat and get ready for our “Pregame Performance” which will begin around 6:45. During this performance, we play our “Fight Song” down the field, the “Star Spangled Banner,” a classic march to get into the tunnel for the football team, and the “Fight Song” once again when our football team runs out onto the field. The “Pregame Performance” has been around since the dawn of college football 100+ years ago. It’s a really big deal at the collegiate level although many high schools have discontinued this tradition. We’re keeping it—it’s cool!
After “Pregame,” our kids get into the stands where we try to be a “12th man” for our team and a source of energy for our fans. We play various cheers to keep everyone’s spirits up. The pep tunes really get fun by the 4th quarter where we play hits like “Hey Baby” and “YMCA.” Be sure to sit near the band so that you can enjoy this aspect of our performance!
Especially during this COVID period, it is important to note that our band and designated chaperones are the only individuals that we want in the “band area.”
During the middle of the 2nd quarter, our band will leave the stands to get ready for our halftime show. We always enter the field in a “block” because it symbolizes our unity and strength. After halting, you’ll hear the drum majors ask: “How are your eyes?” The band responds in unison: “With Pride!”
After our halftime performance, the drum line performs a brief series of cadences for the student section. The front ensemble works with the band parents to move their equipment back to the band room while everyone else visits the concession stands.
The band resumes playing pep tunes for the 4th quarter.
After the game, the band will play the “Fight Song,” followed by the “Ave Maria” hymn that we also use as a warm-up. It is a beautiful song that allows us to warm-down and emotionally pause to give thanks for our time together.
The band marches out of the stadium and up to the flagpole near our gymnasium entrance. We give final announcements and dismiss from this area.
No matter what the final score, we always treat Friday night as a celebration for our school community—the opportunity to come together and cheer on Athens Drive! As the #1 ambassador of our school, our marching band plays a key role in establishing the positive tone of the evening. It has always been our honor to do so.

Please consider attending our football games! Your presence means a great deal to your child(ren), whether they tell you or not. THANK YOU for all you do for our kids and our band program! I hope to see many of you at our football game Friday evening!

Dr. Jerry Markoch, Director of Bands

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