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PARCC – Red Hat Amphitheater Training

I’m forwarding a message from Centerplate concessions regarding training for the Red Hat Amphitheater season which is quickly approaching. The training is mandatory if you wish to work at Red Hat and the opportunities to take the training are limited. We are currently in negotiations to have a stand of our own this season, providing we can commit 3 or 4 parents or family members (aged 21 and up) to each show.

If you’d like to take the training, please email me directly at . Please DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL as I will not receive it as quickly and as I mentioned, the dates are limited and the training has begun. If we can commit enough people to take the training, having a stand in Red Hat Amphitheater could be VERY good for marching band this summer!

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Elizabeth Strohm
ADHS Marching Band PARCC Coordinator


Note from Centerplate: Any questions or replies – please send to

The 2020 Amphitheater season is quickly approaching with our opening day set for 4/29/20 and it’s that time of year to begin going over our training procedures. This year, we will be switching up how we administer training; however, most of the the material will be the same as years passed. It is a requirement that everyone completes training, and you will not be allowed to work at the amphitheater if this training is not completed. You will be allowed to do a portion of the training at home. The other portion must be completed at the Raleigh Convention Center, instructed by a supervisor.

The following (attached) modules are allowed to be done at home:
Employee and Food Safety
Extraordinary Customer Service
All quizzes, and certificates, must be filled out and signed in all slots. Please bring these completed modules with you to the mandatory training sessions at the convention center and be sure to sign in for the on-site training.
The modules that we require you to be present for are:
Responsible Alcohol Service (RAS)
TIPS Training (If expired or new-hire/NPO)
The Responsible Alcohol Service (RAS) module is going to cover all of Centerplate’s and North Carolina’s policies regarding the service and management of alcohol. We will also utilize everyone coming in to go over overall operations such as where to sign in, parking, uniforms, etc. We estimate that this will take up to 1.5 hours to cover. After this module has concluded, those with TIPS certifications that are not expired will be allowed to leave. Those in need of their TIPS certifications/needing to renew their certification must stick around for an additional 1 – 1.5 hours to go through the course and take the test. I have attached a list of people who, on our records, have expired for each group.

Feel to wear casual attire and parking is at the Marriott Underground Deck and we will reimburse with chaser tickets. Here are the dates/times/locations we will be holding these training sessions:
2/23 2:30pm – Meeting Room 206
3/2 6:00pm – Meeting Room 304
3/8 2:30pm – Meeting Room 304
3/15 2:30pm – Meeting Room 203
3/22 2:30pm – Meeting Room 303
3/25 6:00pm – Meeting Room 303
3/29 2:30pm – Meeting Room 307

Please send myself and Jordan ( all requests for slots. We will be inputting all requests onto this sheet for referencing:

We will also be announcing dates for Stand Manager Training. This training will go over proper inventory, cash handling, and best practices to successfully manage a concession stand and meet all of our corporate standards. All are welcome to attend and we will send the dates of these classes next week.

The concert schedule is coming together and can be viewed here:

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions/comments/concerns. I greatly appreciate all of your hard work in advance and look forward to another successful season. More information will be coming soon.


Jared Weaver
Operations Manager
Raleigh Convention Center/Red Hat Amphitheater

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