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TRI-M National Music Honor Society Info

To: Select students enrolled in band, chorus and/or orchestra

From: Jerry Markoch/Tara Culbreth/Michael Santangelo

RE: Tri-M National Music Honor Society

Date: September 27, 2021

We are pleased to offer select students enrolled in band, chorus and/or orchestra the opportunity to join the “Tri-M National Music Honor Society,” a nationally recognized and accredited music honor society. This society is comprised of a group of music students who share the following traits:

A sincere and proven record of LOYALTY to the music ensembles at Athens Drive as evidenced by semesters of participation in ensembles that meet during the day and after school.
A sincere and proven record of EXCELLENCE in their responsibilities as a student—in music and non-music courses as evidenced by their grades.
A sincere and proven record of FINE CHARACTER AND SERVICE to our musical organizations and school as evidenced by teacher and student recommendations.
Specific minimal requirements for our chapter:

4 semesters of music courses completed
A 3.8 weighted and unrounded GPA.
2 semesters of participation in a musical organization that rehearses outside of the school day.
2 favorable teacher recommendations and a letter from a peer outlining the demonstration of fine character and service.
Once inducted into the Tri-M Music Honor Society, students will be expected to contribute to the organization and its goals in the following ways:

CONTINUE to participate in Athens Drive music ensembles for the remainder of their high school years.
CONTINUE to achieve in an outstanding manner in all coursework by maintaining excellent grades.
CONTINUE to serve their school and musical organizations in a way that reflects an “above and beyond” work ethic.
LOG 30 HOURS OF SERVICE each school year. Students who achieve this benchmark will be permitted to wear the official “Tri-M Honor Cord” at graduation.
Now here’s the fun part:

There are NO FEES REQUIRED for participation in this honor society. It is our strong opinion that an honor society that requires entry fees is really not an honor society.
Members will be noted as a “Tri-M Honor Society Member” in concert programs and the formal graduation program.
Members who log-in 30 hours of service per school year will receive an official “Honor Cord” at graduation—at no expense.
All members receive a certificate and pin.
This is an excellent organization to list on college resumes.
Interested students must complete the following tasks by October 15th in order to be considered for membership in our Tri-M Honor Society:

Completion of attached application—returned to Dr. Markoch.
Completion of 2 teacher recommendations to be returned directly to Dr. Markoch’s mailbox.
Completion of 1 peer recommendation—a formal letter written by a peer of choice and returned to Dr. Markoch. The letter should be no longer than a single page.
Application materials will be reviewed by the performing arts faculty and one Athens Drive administrator. Notification of status will be sent to applications by Oct. 22, 2021.

Our formal induction will occur during the intermission of our Fall Band Concert on Thursday, Oct. 28. The concert begins at 7:00pm; the induction will occur at or around 8:00pm.

Thank you for your interest in this wonderful way to honor students and continue to raise the level of excellence in the arts at Athens Drive!

Jerry Markoch, band director and Tri-M advisor

Tara Culbreath, orchestra director

Michael Santangelo, chorus director

Dr. Jerry Markoch, Director of Bands

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