Booster Minutes

Athens Drive Band Booster Minutes January 9, 2014

Meeting started at 7:35pm

President: Welcome and promises to have the meeting last less than one hour! 

Secretary: Previous minutes shared and approved. Tabitha Groelle motioned, Lisa Bullock seconded. 

Treasurer: Richard Spalding reported that we have a strong position with good cash flow. Statements for January will be out soon. Thank you to Brian Bennett for help with taxes. 

Winter Percussion: Planning to paint the floor from last year. Theme of show is “Sprung.” Looking  for a donation or to borrow trampolines, 3 or 4 big ones, square, 4’ x 8’ size. Also need between 6 – 16  (36”) exercise trampolines. Will collect! 

Winter Guard: Thirty girls enrolled this year. The theme is “Outer Space.” Uniforms will be arriving  in a couple of weeks. First competition is in 3 weeks. 

President’s Recap: In December, we had a beautiful holiday concert with all of the class bands. We also had band caroling at three retirement homes in the area which was a big success.

Our band families raised $1635 for the PLM Giving Tree and a generous gift for Doc.

Fundraiser Updates: 

  • Let’s Eat: Dickeys BBQ gave us a $500 sponsorship and we made additional $200 at the event. 
  • Raffle: We made $1000 on the raffle with no outlay from the Boosters 
  • Fruit & Nut: Rousing success. Total Sales $16,122, Profit $6,422.93. Band Accounts received  $2,312, General Fund received $4,110. 
  • Sponsors: This program has grown a lot thanks to Kim Lowe! We originally had 10 sponsors,  now we have 26. Money goes to ADAF. Band puts in requests to ADAF. We have already  bought a bassoon. 
  • PNC: As of January 1st, everyone needs to provide their own shirts. May replace hats soon.  Commission will go up soon, it rises every 30 events. 
  • Kroger cards: $14,000 has been spent over the holidays using the cards by booster members  and friends. Discussion ensued about the Garner store not allowing you to use it to buy gift  cards. All other stores appear to allow this. 
  • Durham Bulls: Application being prepared for next season. Opening day is April 3rd. Renovations to the stadium are done. Option to take alternative stand or remain at First Base,  Martha and Neil Smith will be allowed to tour the upgraded facility and check out the options.  Games will be up on calendar soon.  

New York City Trip: Wind Ensemble tickets can be purchased online at Carnegie website. If interested in riding the bus, please let us know soon so that we know how many seats will be available for city riders. At the Board meeting we will discuss the possibility of reducing the trip cost for students only. 

Donor’s Choose: Richard Spalding introduced a new program called “Donor’s Choose” which is operated through SAS. It helps provide funding for a project through the employee matching program. The  Mandevilli family wanted to do something for the band so Richard navigated the website and the program enabled the band to get some African drums. Contact Richard or other board members if interested in  pursuing a donation of this sort. Also, check into matching grants with your employer. 

Fun Facts: How many hours spent volunteering for the band? 

19,184 hours per season (marching), 135 families, 20 weeks in a season equals 7 hours per family per week. 

Alumni Drive: Kay Jamison reported that very soon we will be rolling out the Carnegie Alumni Drive. Ten alumni families are writing to other alumni families. The goal is to raise $10,000. Greg Fishel researched and found a lot of addresses. Brochure and donation cards are going out soon. Spread the word please! 

Director’s Report: 

Introduced a new student teacher: Max Wang. BM Ed. UNC Chapel Hill. The holiday concerts were enjoyable, the kids loved playing and are improving. Visiting teachers helped a lot. In January they are busy working but not too visible. Doc is working on music and drill for the marching band show. Hints about  show were given as being a similar idea to Winter Guard theme. Jazz band will be starting up in the spring  semester with Dr. Parker. Doc is showing the Wind Ensemble a DVD about the history of Carnegie Hall. 

The next concerts will be in March.

Meeting adjourned at 8:27pm

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