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Competition Logistics- Fuquay

Dear GRAND CHAMPION marching band student and parent,

It’s got a nice ring to it—eh? Ya gotta luv that!!!

The purpose of this letter is to provide information concerning our THIRD COMPETITION this Saturday.



October 16, 2021

Report to Athens 11:30 am

Rehearsal in stadium 11:45 am

Lunch/Load/Dress 1:15 pm

Inspection (senior parking lot) 2:45 pm

Depart for FVHS (via activity bus) 3:00 pm

Arrive FVHS 3:30 pm

Warmup 4:45 pm


Change into comfortable clothes; 6:15 pm

load instruments and equipment;

eat dinner (you provide);

watch other bands

Awards Ceremony 9:30 pm

Depart FVHS 10:30 pm

-Receive snack for trip home

Arrive Athens Drive 11:00 pm

Important Competition Day Logistics

  1. Students need to bring the following when they report to Athens at 11:30: lunch and dinner—or spending money for dinner in FVHS stadium, a backpack containing anything they may want to do on the way to and from the competition, black socks, and their SHOW SHIRT for uniform, any clothes they want to wear back to Athens following the competition (including a hoodie or light jacket).
  2.  Students MUST REMAIN ON CAMPUS following the late morning rehearsal as there are many responsibilities involved in the transition time. Bring a lunch to eat during this time.
  3. Students will “1/2 dress” for the bus ride to FVHS: They will wear their SHOW SHIRT, black bibs, black socks, and black shoes. We will put the jacket, hat, and gloves on shortly before our formal warm-up period at FVHS.
  4.  Students may change into comfortable clothes following their performance. These can be the same clothes that they wore in the morning rehearsal. Consider bringing a hoodie or light jacket as the evenings will begin to get cooler.☺ We will be sitting in the stands watching the remaining bands of the evening performance, so you may feel cooler than normal.
  5. If you are planning to attend the competition and would like to drive your child home, please submit a written request. In general, I like to keep the students together throughout the entire event; however, I will trust your judgment if you feel it absolutely necessary for your child to be home earlier.
  6. There are 21 bands competing in this event; however, they are scattered by class size throughout the day, so large and small bands will perform next to each other. The order was chosen based on the registration postmark. We submitted our registration in a fairly timely matter and are in the middle of the show. The entire show begins at 1:44 pm with Clayton H.S. and concludes at 8:35 with Cleveland H.S. I honestly do not know which bands are in our class☺.

There are a very large amount of WAKE COUNTY BANDS performing, and the competition will be fierce! However, our brand has made exceptional progress over the past 3 months and I am excited to bring our character, musicality, spirit, and excellence to this show! We will make an enormously positive impact!

As this is our “home” show, I hope to see many of you at FVHS to enjoy our performance and route on our band! Remember, YOUR PRESENCE MAKES A DIFFERENCE!

Dr. Jerry Markoch, Director of Bands

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